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Celebration of life tributes

Brian Alan Schiner

March 08, 1959 -July 03, 2016

Bonnie L Goga 

October 19, 1956 - June 26, 2016

Gary Kevin Guss

May 05, 1966 -March 14, 2015

 Johnny Lance Fisher 

Celebration of Life party

family and friends watching the Rest In Peace Video

Johnny Lance Fisher 

April 22, 1955 - August 2, 2018


Rest in Peace Video - Celebration of life tributes

       When someone close to us passes away there is a time of grief with many necessary preparations . We are sorry for your loss, and hope that we will be of assistance during this difficult time.

      Rest in Peace Video goes a step beyond. We know your loved ones deserve the very best and we are confident that you will find our celebration of life movie tributes are exceptional. We do not make memorial movies, we make movies that celebrate ones life.


     Rest in Peace Video will become a treasured keepsake to be passed down through the generations.






 Celebration of life 

      Rest in Peace Video will work on preserving your loved ones memories with our unique approach to the movie of their celebration of life.

      Life events from where someone was born to the places they lived, things they liked to do, even handwritten notes will make watching your video an enjoyable way to remember your loved one.






We gather information with your help and guidance.


     When you contact us you will find first and foremost our compassion for the lost of your loved one.


     Rest in Peace Video will help you on how to go about getting photos and getting us access to social media so we can obtain important information which will help us tell your loved ones story.

      Rest in Peace Video  will create more then just a timeline. We will make a custom-built story about your loved one's life. You will laugh, cry and be moved when watching.


     We will discuss your ideas and will get to learn about your loved one. At this time we will concentrate on creating a theme or a "feeling" to the movie that fits around that special personality. From work or hobbies to service to our country.



We create the movie / music and narrative



      Rest in Peace Video will put together the order of the photographs to tell the story. Every photograph will be matched perfectly with different styles and transitions.

      Incorporating the music:  Your musical scores will be individually selected, spliced together and timed to fit in perfectly with the theme and feel of the movie.


     Incorporating the narrative: This becomes the most emotional part of the project. Names, places, work and other important facts will tie everything together.


       Rest in Peace Video  then will get an approval from you.   At this time any changes or  adjustments can be made.

"Let our celebration of life videos warm your heart"

"When the fog lifts you will have this wonderful video to remember"

"Life is always to short, let us help to make your memories last longer"

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