Five Star Celebration of Life Movie's

One Price


One price is affordable and you will not have to worry about restrictions or going over any limits to produce the movie you want.


We recommend that celebration of life movies be from 8 to 18 minutes.  A lot can be said and lots of photos can be used in that time frame. If you would like it longer or shorter, don't worry, we will work with you on the movie you desire at no extra charge.

   Before we make your Movie

  1. We will talk about getting the photos video clips and anything else to me via e mail, messenger, phone attachment, email , or U.S. mail.

  2. Upon receipt of the e-mailed photos that are e-mailed to us, and thru our own research thru social media and google.

  3. A $100.00 deposit is required as we move on to the next step.

Production of the Movie

  1. The beginning will be a grand style movie like opening.

  2. Photo's will be given special attention.

  3. Each photo will have unique positioning with styling movement.

  4. We will narrate the story with names and locations.

  5. The music will be put together with the story line.

  6. Titles, dates and captions thru-out the movie.

  7. We will edit, add transitions and put the entire movie together.

$399 Total Price

$100 Deposit

$299 Final Payment when Movie is Ready

 $399 Total Price - Paid in Full

Call 9 to 5 (Mon - Fri)

Professional movie making since 1982

ask for Allen Markow

Upon completion, we will upload your presentation to              for your approval or we will send you the video on a thumb-drive.
This will enable friends and family to watch it, as well as the ones who would like to watch it again privately in their homes.

Watch your video anytime on your phone smart t.v. or tablet


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